writing and research

The topics I have written on broadly concern digital media infrastructures and related to them cultural practices. My most recent and ongoing work focuses on the thermopolitics and temporalities of data centres in a Nordic context.  I have previously written on other forms of digital infrastructures and infrastructuring practices in the context of algorithms, software cultures and computer animation production software communities.

Ongoing book projects:

I am currently working on two book manuscripts:

  • Thermopolitics of Data (part of my ongoing post-doctoral research project)
  • From Crowd to Cloud: Open Cultural Production in the Platform Economy (building upon and extending work I did on my doctoral dissertation)


Data Centres as Impermanent Infrastructures. Written for a special issue on data centres for Culture Machine edited by Asta Vonderau and Mél Hogan.

(with Anne Kaun) Algorithmic Resistance:  Media practices and the politics of repair. Information, Communication and Society.

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Studying Emerging Data Practices: Creating a Cultural Biography of Objects through Using the Web as an Ethnographic Resource. In SAGE Research Methods Cases, SAGE. Contribution commissioned by SAGE (requires login).


Media Technologies in the Making: User-driven Software and Infrastructure for Computer Graphics Production. Doctoral dissertation. Huddinge: Södertörns högskola.

In 2019 it was awarded 2nd prize for best dissertation in Media and Communication Studies in Sweden, by the Swedish Association for Media and Communication Research (FSMK).

Repairing and developing software infrastructures: The case of Morevna Project in Russia. New Media & Society. Published ahead of print: October 2017.

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Two weeks in Siberia with Morevna Project, open-source animation tools, and animé. Blog post.


Search for spiritualism in a land now steeped in materialism, Deccan Herald, Bangalore.


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